A true powerhouse of the mining sector

Mafika Engineering have made quite the name for themselves over the years—and they are showing no signs of slowing down. Leadership Magazine’s Ralph Staniforth sat down with
Graydon Epstein, a Director at Mafika Engineering, to discuss the current status of the entity and what comes next.

Rooted in South African pride, Mafika Engineering stands out as Africa’s foremost independent rebuilder of high horsepower (HHP) diesel engines, which are essential components for the mining industry

Specializing in ‘Zero-Hour’ rebuilds (returned to new), Mafika Engineering rejuvenates both HHP and ultra-HHP engines integral to top-tier mining equipment.

Their engines are instrumental in pro-Spelling some of the world’s largest mining machines, including the 1,000-ton CAT
6090 Shovel, Komatsu 930E, and 960E Haul Trucks with impressive payloads of around 400 tons, and a variety of Hitachi Haul Trucks and Ultra Class Shovels.

The initiation of their 15,000m2 advanced rebuild centre in Germiston, Gauteng symbolises their unwavering commitment to delivering world class service and contributing to a circular economy through sustainable remanufacturing processes.

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