The digital transformation of the mining industry

There is general agreement across the world: Transformation is vital if the mining sector is to thrive and grow with the times. Andre Walters investigates…

It is said that digital transformation in mining involves “the integration of digital technology into all areas of a mining company, optimising operations and value delivery”.

Our daily lives depend on minerals and metals. We need them for almost every component of the world we are building. Mined materials are used to create batteries, solar panels, and wind turbines.

The demand is here and it is growing along with these technologies.Mining has both negative and positive effects on our lives.Positively, the extraction and processing of minerals contributes to the expansion of the industrial sector, diversification of the economy, and the enhancement of productivity.

This is achieved by providing essential raw materials for manufacturing, construction, and energy production—and mining acts as a catalyst for economic progress.

Negatively, having to work underground in dangerous environments is described as one of the toughest jobs you can find and it also impacts directly on our environment.

It is also said that a business transformation framework should include the following:

  • Strategy and planning for the futureknowing where you want to go and how to get there.
  • Who is going to lead us and show us the way?
  • How are we going to do it and what will it take?
  • How are we going to get it done?
  • What are we going to need to do it?
  • Who else, and what, can we work with to

achieve mutually agreed goals?
Our editor has also asked us to look into the informed public chatter that one can read on the topic and we have also researched the internet while doing so.
As a result, we will give you the names of the people we have come across who are knowledgeable and who have written very well about it.

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